About STImul

Our magazine is primarily focused on innovation activity in Russia. Above all, we intend to demonstrate how to convert scientific knowledge into commercial technologies and products, and how to turn Russian innovative companies into leading global market players.

The creation of «STIмул», to a great extent, has been inspired by our confidence that scientific ideas, technologies and innovative business projects in Russia could be consistently brought to the successful market phase. And It is our sincere hope that we will instil this sense of confidence among our readers.

The main purposes of the magazine are:

  • to increase the active involvement of talented young people in the innovation activity;
  • to create a unifying communication platform for all innovation professionals;
  • to provide the asssistance for aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to make progress in innovations' activities area;
  • to have the ability to influence innovation policy in Russia in order to enhance its effectiveness.

    The target audience of the magazine:

  • future and active techno-entrepreneurs;
  • innovation managers and experts;
  • scientists, engineers, university teaching staff, students and postgraduates;
  • consumers with innovative attitude.